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FS: Glimakra Sovereign 350cm rug loom

  • 11 Aug 2021 4:53 PM
    Message # 10925551

    This is a four-shaft counter-balance loom built by Glimakra in the 1980s with a 11.5-foot weaving width. I bought it from a custom rug weaver and thought I wanted to weave wide rugs but find I am fine with my other looms and would rather reclaim the space taken by Sidroc.

    Five huge steel beams will withstand the greatest of tension. Four big iron pawls will create that tension. A massive Swedish pine frame keeps it square and withstands the force of beating with a powerful, heavy weighted beater that falls on the fell with a satisfying thwoop.

    This loom can be used by one or two weavers. It includes 8 treadles so that 4 can be placed on each side for dual operation. Two seats are included with the bench.

    Several older reeds are included and also one brand new 8-dent stainless steel reed that has never even been out of the box. Warp packing sticks and lease sticks also come with the loom.

    I replaced the beam cords with new heavy duty Texsolv. Texsolv heddles are included.

    For someone who would like to weave and sell rag rugs, this loom is perfect. For someone who wants a loom to look like fine furniture, this is not for you. It’s also great for long-term tapestry or rugs woven with tapestry techniques. Some people have them to weave blankets from their home-grown alpaca fiber.

    Price is $3200 obo, local pickup and cash only  in Hendersonville As you can imagine, it is very heavy. It will not fit in any size pickup; you will need a truck with a 12-foot capacity. You will also need 3 to 4 strong people to lift each beam. 

    This loom breaks down just like any other Swedish counterbalance loom.  email me with questions or interest: glitchbane at gmail dot com

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